How To Integrate Hubspot CRM

Triblio's Hubspot CRM integration makes it easy to create and and manage target account audiences using your Hubspot data. 

1. Authorize Hubspot Access

2. Map Hubspot Companies to Triblio

3. Add Blacklist Accounts (optional)

4. Sync Company Records (Optional)

5. Setup Revenue Report

Authorize Hubspot Access

Any user with API access can be used to authorize Triblio.  If preferred, you can create a new user just for the authorization process.  You can also limit this new user to only access certain fields within Hubspot if you only want the integration to read specific fields.

  1. Log in to Triblio and click "Setup" at the bottom of the left-hand menu. You will be taken to a new tab.
  2. Click "Hubspot CRM" from the left-hand menu to open the Hubspot CRM Management section:
  3. Click 'CRM Integration'
  4. Click on ‘Authorize Triblio’ 
  5. You will be redirected to Hubspot to sign in. We'll skip this step if you're already signed in to Hubspot.
  6. After signing in to Hubspot, click ‘Allow.’
  7. Confirm that Triblio is pulling in data from Hubspot:
    1. Navigate to the audiences tab 
    2. Choose 'Add Audience' and create a new audience
    3. Select 'Hubspot CRM Accounts' under the 'Critera' menu on the right
    4. Click your new 'Hubspot CRM Accounts' audience criteria
    5. Click 'Add Company Condition'
    6. Click the 'Field'
    7. Confirm that your company fields are loading in

2. Map Hubspot Companies to Triblio

Once Hubspot is authorized, go to the Hubspot CRM setup page and scroll down to step two 

Determine a field to map Triblio activity to Hubspot Companies.  

This mapping is done on the domain level, so choose your Hubspot field(s) where the domain is stored.  The standard field is 'Website URL'.

3. Add Blacklist Accounts (Optional)

If you have accounts (i.e. agencies, partners, your parent or child company) whose domain may be listed across many account records, you can choose to exclude those domains from any mappings. 

4. Sync Company Records (Optional)

Triblio will automatically sync with your account records overnight; however if you'd like to kickstart the process, you can 'Sync Account Records'.  Know that this will use Hubspot API calls to sync the records.

5. Setup Revenue Report

Mapping Triblio to your Hubspot Deal records allows us to report on revenue influence directly within Triblio. For example, our Funnel Impact report measures the progression of your target accounts through an account funnel, identifying pipeline generated via your ABM efforts.

On the Hubspot CRM setup page, click 'Revenue Report' and then click 'Configure'

The fields to configure are:

  • Deal Pipeline
  • Deal Revenue Field 
  • Deal Close Date
  • Deal Closed 
  • Deal Open

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