November 2019 - Release Notes

Our November '19 release is stuffed full of fixins - enough for the whole marketing (and sales) family! Check out the spread below and don't forget to add some gravy. ๐Ÿฆƒ

If you are interested in our new module, Smart Pages, please reach out to your CSM and they'll schedule a demo to show you around.


  •  Smart Pages (New Module)
    • Automatically generate hundreds of unique, account-specific pages with custom private URLs for each of your target accounts.
    • Curate Smart Page content so that it's in line with existing campaigns, and edit individual pages to personalize further on the account level.
    • Help sales cut through the noise by giving reps personalized content and account insights whenever and wherever they need it. Access Triblio Smart Pages and metrics in existing sales tools like SalesLoft, SalesForce, Dynamics, and HubSpot, or through email.
  •  New Ad Metrics (Beta)
    •  Reach: Evaluates the quality of your reach within an account on a scale of 0-10. This is calculated using account firmographics, ad group configuration, and DSP data.
    • Engagements: Website interactions from devices that have seen ads
    • Smart score: Measures changes in an accountโ€™s engagement vs. their historical engagement baseline. Scored on a scale of 0-100 with 50 being the baseline (<50=decrease in engagement, >50=increase in engagement)
  •  Public API allowing users to pull account level metrics for previous day (Beta)
    •  Page Views
    • Visitor Count
    • Account Score


  • Impact Funnel
    • Added Hubspot CRM support
      • Added ability to import deal data for revenue reporting
      • Deal filtering
  • SNES (Email Reports)
    •  Hubspot CRM support for company owner SNES
      • Allows account activity alerts to be automatically segmented by company ownership
    • New Intent Data SNES template
      • Delivers a weekly list of Surging accounts
      • Includes the ability to filter the report by topic cluster and other firmographic data points
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