Why am I seeing an ad click discrepancy?

If you are comparing Triblio ad clicks to other analytics tracking tools that are tracking based on UTM or page views, such as Google Analytics or landing page tools, you might see a discrepancy in the numbers.  All of the creatives uploaded as Triblio's display ads are audited by a DSP to ensure appropriate content, proper ads viewability, and valid landing pages.  As part of this process, the DSP will run tests on display ad creatives and their landing pages which will result in click tracking in your other analytics tools. While these clicks happen most frequently when activating a new ad or updating the creative, they will continuously occur throughout the lifecycle of the ad and even if the ad is disabled since, while the campaign is not live, the ad creative is still in a live/ready-to-use state on the ad networks.  

The clicks coming through on these validation checks are excluded from Triblio metrics and you are not charged for them.

Note: If you are seeing no clicks in Triblio on your display ads, make sure the Triblio tracking script is on your landing page.

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