Building an Account Funnel in Salesforce

Beyond Triblio's built-in reports, it is possible to customize your account funnel model in Salesforce by writing data from Triblio to specific account fields. This article will walk you through how to create an account funnel report with the stages below. 

Stage Name Stage Definition
Unaware Account score in the last 90 days is 0
Aware Account score in the last 90 days is 1 or more
MQA Account reached your MQA threshold
Pipeline Account has an open opportunity
Won Account has a closed-won opportunity

Create your custom fields

To configure a custom funnel report in Salesforce you will need to create four custom fields on the account object.

  1. "Account Score Last 90 Days", which will be written by Triblio on a nightly basis
  2. "Is MQA", a boolean field Triblio will update when an account reaches the MQA threshold
  3. Opportunity Probability, a Rollup Summary Field based on open opportunity status
  4. Triblio Account Status, a Rollup Summary Field based on all the fields above

For instructions on syncing the Account Score Last 90 Days and Is MQA data, see the article SFDC Field Updates.

Configure the Opportunity Probability Field

On the account object in Salesforce, create a new Rollup Summary field called Opportunity Probability and configure it as pictured below. The value for Stage should exclude all "Closed-Lost" equivalents.

Configure the Triblio Account Status Field

On the account object in Salesforce, create a new Rollup Summary field called Triblio Account Status and configure it using the formula below. Note that you may need to change out certain field names in the formula (e.g. "Is_MQA__c") if you used names different from our default recommendations.

IF ( Opportunity_Probability__c > 0.99, '5. Won', <br>  IF ( Opportunity_Probability__c > 0, '4. Pipeline', <br>    IF ( Is_MQA__c, '3. MQA', <br>      IF( Account_Score_90_Days__c > 0, '2. Aware', '1. Unaware' ) <br>    ) <br>  ) <br>)

Build Your Funnel Report

  1. Create a new report in Salesforce called Triblio Account Funnel
  2. Configure the filters to "Show Me: All Accounts" and "Created Date: All Time"
  3. Add columns to the report for Account Name and Triblio Account Status
  4. Group rows by Triblio Account Status

  5. Click "Add Chart" and select the "Funnel" option

  6. Click "Save and Run"

You should now see an Account Funnel graphic that represents the level of engagement in each account in your CRM. 

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