Running Triblio with Optimizely (or other A/B tool)

If you are using Triblio and Optimizely on the same website, you can configure Optimizely tests to omit users who are part of a Triblio campaigns. Functionally, this means you can run Triblio campaigns side-by-side with Optimizely campaigns and not worry about users seeing both at once. 

To set up this rule in Optimizely, you will need to create a Custom Javascript audience condition as explained in Optimizely's documentation. The condition to set is:

TRPersonalizationConfig.personalizationId === undefined

This condition tells Optimizely to check and see if Triblio has loaded a personalization. If it has, then Optimizely will not run its test. 

To test this logic, you can put the code below in your browser's console. It will return a personaliztionId if one exists, otherwise it will say "Run Optimizely test."

if(typeof(TRPersonalizationConfig.personalizationId) === undefined) {console.log("Run Optimizely test.")} else {console.log(TRPersonalizationConfig.personalizationId)}
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