Why does the report show "Page Not Found"?

When installing the Triblio scripts on your website, metadata is grabbed from your pages for reporting purposes.  Since lots of data is being grabbed at once, a CMS will occasionally block the scripts from grabbing information on some pages and instead show "Page Not Found".

First, this is not visible to any user outside Triblio and does no impact your website or SEO performance. Second, you can re-pull the metadata so it shows as expected in your reports.

Steps to grab metadata from your pages:

1. In Triblio, navigate to "Metrics" then "Content Item Log"

2. In the top right search box, search for the URL you would like to re-fetch the metadata on.

3. Click on the link you'd like to change in the "Title" row

4. On the content page, choose "Re-Fetch Metadata" to run the script automatically.  If the correct data is still unable to be grabbed or you'd like to edit the content that was pulled, choose "Edit Details" and type in the new copy.

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