ModHeader IP Testing

The ModHeader Chrome Extension allows you to impersonate IP addresses for advanced testing.  This testing requires a configuration change to your account.  If you would like to do this testing, please write your CSM.

1. To use ModHeader, install it from the Chrome Store

2. After installing the "ModHeader" plugin navigate to chrome://extensions

3. Next, enable the Plugin in "incognito" mode by clicking "Details" then toggle on "Allow in Incognito"

4. Once installed and enabled, you will need to add a "Request Header" to begin testing
5. Configure the Request Header "Name" with: "x-tr-demo-ip"
6. The "Value" to insert is the IP address you would like to test from (you can ask your CSM for these details)
7. The "Comment" is up to you, we recommend filling it in with the account name so you are able to differentiate the IPs you are using.

8.  Repeat steps 4-7 to add in all the testing IPs
9. To test, it is recommended to open a fresh Incognito Chrome window, check the IP you would like to test as and go to your website.
10.  For testing the experience of multiple IPs in one session, start by checking one of the IPs, going to a few pages on your website, then uncheck that IP and check the next to test in the series and go to a few more pages.
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