What are the scripts Triblio deploys to my website?

Scripts you install


What it does
Personalizes webpages by changing out messaging, images, and other elements


  • Must be deployed in the <head> tag above other scripts and CSS to guarantee flicker-free campaigns 
  • Can be deployed with a tag manager, but that approach is not recommended since tag managers slow down the script


What it does

Acts as a performance-optimized tag manager for Triblio, deploying various scripts only when necessary for a given segment. Examples of the decisions footer.js makes:

  • When and where to deploy Triblio's analytics scripts
  • When and where to enable Triblio's form field pre-fill functionality
  • Which Overlay CTA campaign elements should be shown to a given visitor

Footer.js should be deployed at the end of your <body> tag. It can be deployed with a tag manager or directly in your templates. 

Other scripts Triblio uses

The scripts below will be deployed by footer.js depending on your app configuration.


Sends visitor, campaign, and audience segment data to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, or other web analytics systems running on your website.


Reads visitor and campaign data for Triblio metrics.


Similar to analytics.js, except it can also track form submissions.


Inserts an Overlay CTA campaign element for a matched segment.

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